I don’t know. Maybe you were on vacation! Here’s everything we covered over the break, in case you want to catch up:

1) We took a look back at Taraji P Henson’s excellent red carpet year.  (She is the only person who can make me really liked Alexander Wang.)

2) We luxuriated in the way Elizabeth Banks always goes big on the red carpet.

3) We eyeballed the British royal family’s annual Christmas walk to church, with bonus Dirty Princes Playing Soccer.


4) We applauded Sarah Paulson for her much improved 2015.

5) We gave Natalie Dormer’s 2015 a closer look.

6) We examined how this year of Jennifer Lawrence’s Dior contract treated her. (Spoiler: POORLY.)

7) We checked in with the women of Girls.

8) QE2 dragged the family back to church on Sunday and Harry gave his best Freddie impression.

9) We looked at the year in Wills and Kate and George and Charlotte. (SO MANY CHEEKS!)

10) We admired Olivia Wilde’s red carpet year and general street style.

11) We wondered…is this the year we have to revoke Cate Blanchett’s carte blanchett?

12) We also wondered if maybe Zendaya was the new Cate Blanchett.

13) We celebrated Chloe Sevigny’s Crazy.

14) We jumped for joy thanks to Terry Crews.

15) We revisited WTF Tyra Banks was wearing in the first seven cycles of ANTM.

16) We examined Fug Nation’s Top 15 Posts of the Year.

17) We saluted The Year in Prince Harry

18) We collected the best of the rest of the royals. Babies! Weddings! Tiaras!

19) We saluted the best of the rest of the dresses.

20) We gave Amy Schumer some suggestions for mixing it up in 2016.

21) We rounded up some of the worst looks of 2015…

22)….and some of the worst sheers.

23) We saluted Naomie Harris’s red carpet triumphs.

24) And loved Janelle Monae’s flair with a cape.

25) And looked to Brie Larson as one to watch in 2016.

26) We indulged in some Coat Porn.

27) We looked toward awards season for Alicia Vikander…

28)…and Saoirse Ronan

29) And rounded up the best of the Afternoon Chats

And, finally:

We brought you the GFY Holiday Gif Guide.