The SAGs, as is their occasional wont, took place on Saturday night — and as such, we covered some of the heavy-hitters immediately on Sunday. We would hate for you to miss them as they drop further away from the homepage, AND SO, please allow us to give you a handy link guide to those we’ve already covered.

Brie Larson wore a blue, nearly crotchy Versace

Nicole Kidman went with a fancy-clown Gucci

Idris Elba decided to come as Idris Elba, which was a wonderful idea

Laverne Cox looked like a goddess even though it wasn’t her VERY best dress ever

Julianne Moore went with greenish-gold glitter

Alicia Vikander picked a sequin patchwork and it somehow worked amazingly well

Uzo Aduba brought her prom date

Susan Sarandon brought her bra. To present the In Memorium?

The women of Mad Men left Elisabeth Moss at home, and January Jones looked kind of weird

Emma Myles of Orange Is The New Black was one of my favorites among that cast’s looks, which were highly varied.

I love seeing the Downton Abbey cast in its non-period costumes. Baxter is a DISH.

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