I just keep thinking of this as Gucci’s clown collection.

It’s from the same line that yielded Dakota Johnson’s, and some of you liked that better than I did. I suspect this entire vision board is simply not my particular flavor of gum. I can start with the good: her hair, lush and full; her accessories; her smile; her carriage; her necklace, even sitting a tad low; her red carpet interview, in which she was very charming. I hope she and Keith Urban are for real (an absurd thing to say about a couple, except it’s Hollywood, where it’s almost a matter of course that people engage in bizarre role-playing with their own lives for insane lengths of time).

But I keep landing on it being too… silly. A bit Cheap and Cheerful, Frankly Fake, or whatever else you’d call something that’s trying to have the look of luxury but can’t hide that it was designed by a Vegas costumer who dreams of being in a Big Top having knives thrown at her by a man in a heavily waxed mustache that curls at the tips. That aesthetic, at the very least, I’d generally leave for the Grammys.

But some people LOVED this. Where do you fall?

  • So pretty, so sparkly: I'm in love with it all. (15%, 980 Votes)
  • It was refreshing, but also not perfect (34%, 2,290 Votes)
  • Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhh (23%, 1,557 Votes)
  • Blecchhhhh (27%, 1,815 Votes)

Total Voters: 6,642

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