We forgot to post this when it first happened on The Tonight Show, but it’s too bananas to let slide any further. Behold, what happens when you beg an actress over and over again to embrace color:

It’s like a mixture of a cartoon present, this Reem Acra show, and a store that sells the sort of dolls whose eyes follow you no matter where you are. Her nose has been well and truly thumbed at us all.

Back to black and white, but it’s certainly not boring. I don’t usually like peekaboo shoulders, nor do I generally accept bisecting oneself. And yet it works, and I like it, and I want to hug J. Mendel for it and burn down that Gucci migraine. Okay, Dakota. You win. I’ll stop squawking about your safe zone if you’ll promise to keep adding GENTLE flair. Deal?

[Photos: Getty]