Well, this is undeniably fab:

Uzo won Best Actress in a Comedy, as well as a SAG for being part of the best comedy ensemble. I always am a little bit like, “is Orange Is The New Black really a comedy?” But I also understand that it’s not exactly always a drama. It’s probably more comedic? Maybe? The thing is, I just thought, “well, Uzo is very funny.” But then I thought, “but, shit, Uzo has also BROKEN MY HEART as Crazy Eyes.”  Ergo, regardless, I am highly pleased by her win, and not just because no running C-plot in a TV show ever, arguably, as been as enjoyable to me as Suzanne’s stint as a mega-successful inner-prison space-erotica author. I think I’ve said this before, but Uzo is one of those actors who has the kind of charisma where, the instant you see her, you feel attached. I would also, obviously, like to be attached to that ring she’s wearing. (She also brought her prom date as her SAGs date.)

But let’s look at the whole dress:

I love the color and I love the clutch. I wonder if it needs a belt? Maybe not. No matter way, I was STUNNED to read it was Zac Posen.  Let’s discuss.

[Photos: Getty, Fame/Flynet]