It seems I have accidentally started watching The Chew at lunchtime, and no, that’s not just me staring in a mirror while I eat my peanut butter sandwich. it’s the daytime show I swore I would never partake in because it replaced All My Children. But it’s been years now and Carla Hall from Top Chef is so damned charming, and then Adrien Grenier showed up oozing charisma I didn’t know he had and suddenly I was like, “YOU’RE RIGHT, Adrien Grenier, I WON’T use plastic straws,” and… ahem. Anyhoo, Jennifer was on it the other day promoting an East Village vegan bakery she owns, which I did not know existed and which now has a cookbook. And she was ALSO charming. What cockamamie alchemy is The Chew pumping through my DirecTV?

So, these pants bummed me out more than they normally would. Are they even culottes? Are they palazzo pants? Do they live in some kind of nether place, a pants purgatory, where nothing is what it should be and every decision is the worst? And are they slightly pleated? WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ANYONE.

[Photo: Getty]