At the first overseas Deadpool 2 event, Ryan Reynolds wore a jacket that looked shrunken, and an overall outfit that was proportionally off and just a bit like he was at a luau for his Silicon Valley tech startup. Here, he’s gone the other way: The coat is too long and the sweater, too short. Let’s deal with the former first. Is that an overcoat that’s simply styled like a sport coat, or the other way around? Regardless, good grief, why?!? It looks like he borrowed one from the maitre d’.

As for the sweater, here’s primarily why I noticed:

Deadpool 2 film premiere in Seoul, Korea - 01 May 2018

Granted, he obviously didn’t spend all night with his arms up, but if you look back at the original picture you can see a small line of white between the pants and the sweater. It’s way too easy to see his undercrackers, basically, and that’s something that rarely happens with a dude on a red carpet. In that sense, congratulations, Ryan, for breaking some ground. But it’s also so imprecise and sloppy, shockingly so for someone so heavily styled. And then, we have a charcoal sportcoat and what appears to be a black sweater, but… is that a blue belt, or just a trick of the light? It’s blue, right? Why is this person suddenly a bit of an expensive sartorial mess?

[Photos: KIM HEE-CHUL/EPA-EFE/REX/Shutterstock]