Ms Katie Holmes is really making the rounds of NYFW so far — you’ll see more of her later, in our front row round-up — and it makes me wonder…what is she promoting? Or is this just one of those jazz hands-y rounds of PR that are designed to remind the public in general and producers/directors in particular that she is ALIVE and she is AVAILABLE? TBH, I actually think Katie Holmes¬†should have a gig on a TV show that films in New York; she’s a solid actor, people like her, and I think that, say,¬†Katie Holmes Joins the Cast of The Morning Show would get a nice round of press that would benefit basically everyone. ANYWAY, she decided to wear this to the opening of a fancy watch store, and this entire look to me says, “WAIT, I said I’d wear WHAT? No, I just can’t. Does anyone have a shirt I can put on over this?!?!?”

Additionally, “Katie Holmes wore something unexpectedly bare and definitely confusing to the opening of a fancy watch store during Fashion Week” is a sentence that I am sincerely thrilled to bring to you again.

[Photo by Bennett Raglin/Getty Images]