Back in 2017 — three years ago, if you believe math; thirty years ago if you believe FEELINGS — Alexander Skarsgard went full Ron Howard for a role in The Hummingbird Project. One IMDb user wrote, “As I sit here watching this flick right now as I type, I am thinking to myself ‘Is there something else I could be watching?'” Another announced that using prosthetics and makeup to appear bald was just not enough to elevate his performance. WELL, dear reviewer, A.Skars may be guilty of Bland in the First Degree in this movie, but he is NOT guilty of prosthetics. The man ran headlong into Prince Edward cosplay.

If you’re curious, he did successfully bring it back, per this photo in late 2019:

NY Special Screening of

Now he’s hurtling toward Chris Evans, and as The Youngs said at one point, I’m not mad at it.

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