Jasmine Cephas Jones just came out for Anthony Ramos at the In The Heights premiere, and now he gets to return the favor: She’s in Blindspotting, a TV continuation of the movie, which premiered at Tribeca. It apparently dispenses with Daveed Diggs and Rafael Casal in favor of making Jasmine’s character its center, which is very exciting — it’s a reverse “And Peggy,” really; FINALLY Peggy gets her moment. What I can’t tell is whether this was the moment Jasmine scripted, or whether the flashbulbs did it for her. I BELIEVE her dress is this Naeem Khan, which you can see in this photo is translucent enough to give you a sense of the model’s slip situation. But this feels much sheerer. Maybe it’s a combination of “slightly sheer” and “whoa your flashbulbs are intense.” It’s a pity, because she looks fantastic, and if it were completely opaque we’d just be focusing on that. I wish these dresses came with certifications — like, how autographed items have authentifications, for example, or how your car has to get a smog check in California to make sure it’s under the emissions threshold, or even like vehicle airbag checks. Gowns should come with cards that say, “Translucency tested at XYZ wattage.” So that you’re ABSOLUTELY SURE that the long-line bra you’re wearing is the one you want, and that you’re a-OK with a public front-wedgie.

[Photo: Shutterstock]