So, this photo has been kicking around all week. I set the draft, and then other stuff came up and it got kicked down a day, and then again, and then again… I think that’s because, while I have nothing against this outfit, I also have no angle on it. The color is pretty! It comes with a matching hanky on her shoulder! Her abs look gift-wrapped! The bottom is a duvet! It’s all just word vomit, and in a less cohesive way than I normally regurgitate letters at you.

Anyway, I stand by all of those objections to it, and the fact that it’s not the most flattering or supportive garment I’ve ever seen. But I also can’t quite shake it; the dress is pretty, and that deep teal really is fantastic. Maybe if I’d actually written the post when I originally downloaded the photo, I’d have felt differently, but… it’s today, and I’ve been watching a lot of warm and fuzzy movies lately, and many of them involve snow and Christmas for some reason, and so I’m drinking hot chocolate and wearing a seasonally inappropriate Chewbacca onesie that I won in a raffle and my mood is good. So here is this post. Congratulations to me for pulling the trigger on it, even though — AS YOU CAN SEE — I brought nothing other than total annihilation of the written word. Maybe a poll will help make us all feel like something has happened here today.

So what's your take on this dress?

  • It's GREAT! (25%, 1,073 Votes)
  • It's good, I think? (21%, 905 Votes)
  • It's good even though I also don't like some of it (48%, 2,040 Votes)
  • It's bad (5%, 228 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,267

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