Obviously, yes, I’m confused by your outfit. It purports to be a dress, but it looks like Maleficent’s busted snap-crotch bodysuit. And I am genuinely concerned that some boob cells are getting crushed to death. Can mammary glands beĀ strangled? Here’s an idea: Let’s stop trying to find out, okay?

But what’s also puzzling me is that Zoe is at the same party Diane Kruger attended. I cannot figure out how those two outfits connect — other than, they’re both things one would normally expect to involve pants, and neither does — unless this was a Murder-Mystery soiree and they were both assigned a character. Diane is a wide-eyed newbie who’s arrived in New York with big dreams and a plan to reboot jazzercise, and I guess Zoe is the bored socialite who makes all of her clothes out of stuff she bought at the Disney Store, just to say she can. She’s also totally the murderer, right? Right.

[Photo: InstarImages.com]