It took a minute, and I would argue it was a minute no one really needed to spend on this, but someone finally got How I Met Your Father off the ground. It was, at one point, a CBS pilot starring Greta Gerwig and Meg Ryan (as the mom), called How I Met Your Dad; now it’s a Hulu show starring Hilary Duff, Chris Lowell, and Francia Raisa here, with recurring stints from Josh Peck and Leighton Meester (!) and Kim Cattrall as the mother. Francia here did one of the late shows in a snug leather outfit and plastic shoes that feel very Kim Kardashian. But, good Kim Kardashian — except for the shoes, obviously — as opposed to the Kim who frequently left the house looking like her clothes were a practical joke. Francia here donated a kidney to Selena Gomez, which to put it mildly is an exceptionally nice thing to do, so I’m rooting for her.

Having said that: Reviews are not super positive, and as I noted up top, I don’t think How I Met Your Mother was a concept that was begging for another go-round (nor does it seem like the gender flip offers much of a fresh perspective). The original was a lightning-in-a-bottle situation, and while some of it hasn’t aged well, it also limped to the finish line and managed to scorch some earth along the way. So I’m not sure, in the era of Peak TV, that there’s a ton of room for this on my watchlist, unless it turns out that the mother is named Samantha Jones and she’s tossing in a bunch of passive-aggressive nuggets about her shitty friends in New York. What about you?

[Photo: JOCE/Bauer-Griffin via Getty Images]