This is Peter Copping’s second show since taking over for the master. While I understand that Peter Copping can’t live his life trying to recreate OdlR — and will probably suffer from having to design in his shadow — the collection lacks unity, and that first slide might be well nigh unforgivable to me. Oscar de la Renta didn’t bat a thousand (nobody does), but he knew how to create a sophisticated, transportive, elegant experience — the Fashion Show equivalent of a bottle of bubbly, some perfect strawberries, and a suite at the Plaza. He peddled a lifestyle, but one it was a pleasure to envy; it would never be mine, but it was enough to know it existed. There is a paucity of that here. To be fair, this isn’t the complete show — for that, drop by Vogue, I guess, since it ate — but dive in and see if you agree.

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