For us, a “lightbox dump” means all the photos we’ve bookmarked this week that never made their way into an individual post. So, we clear out the lightbox at the end of the week. I decided “smörgåsbord” is a much nicer way of saying it. Like, “Here’s what we have left in the fridge after a week of cooking!” It’s so nice to be back in a situation where there’s enough overflow that we can do this, and there are some gems in here, and then also some bad pants on Maggie Gyllenhaal.

[Photos: Karin Törnblom/TT/Shutterstock, Stewart Cook, Brian Stukes, Rob Latour, Matt Baron, J Mayer, MediaPunch/Shutterstock, Jo Hale/Redferns, Marion Curtis/StarPix for Focus Features/Shutterstock, Phillip Faraone/Getty Images]