If you’re not familiar with Herb Ritts, he was a very VERY VERY famous photographer of the 80s and 90s — if you were at all a sentient being during those years, you know his work. In addition to a true boat-load of high-end, big-deal magazine stuff, he also directed Madonna’s “Cherish” video AND “Wicked Game” AND did basically every Levis ad of the early 90s and Victoria’s Secret ad of the late ones, AND he did Calvin Klein’s Marky Mark/Kate Moss ad AND he did Elizabeth Taylor’s “White Diamonds” ad, which HAS to be the oldest perfume commercial still in actual TV rotation. So. You know him. Even if you didn’t know you knew him, you did. He was EXTREMELY influential. And also it looks like he threw a very good birthday party. Let’s look at some of the pics!

[Photos: Getty]