As regular readers know, we have a long-running joke about a (sadly as yet nonexistent) show called Celebrity Shoe Intervention With Uzo Aduba, thanks to Uzo’s great skill at almost always wearing a good shoe. My suggestion is: When she takes that show on the road to the UK, as eventually she will, she and Helen Mirren can team up for a one-episode Holiday Event called Celebrity Shoe Intervention With Uzo Aduba ft. Helen Mirren and it will be a delight. All well-done day dresses, good shoes in interesting animal prints (like this very look!*), and lots of gently yelling at British celebrities about their beige shoes. Because they’re in London, this two-hour episode will, of course, culminate in them gently yelling at Kate Middleton — “I AM YOUR QUEEN!” Helen will yell; “I’m pretty sure that’s true,” Uzo will say — until Kate, who will find this all very entertaining, will allow them to toss her boring footwear right into the bin.

[*These are also, per the brand that makes them, good for bunions, so way to go for also being practical, Helen!]

[Photo by James Veysey/Shutterstock]