The fact is unavoidable: Heidi Klum was a notorious bad dresser for a while there — remember THIS? — and the tide is turning in a decent direction. Lukewarm compliment? Maybe. I’m stingy. But another fact: Much of this is D&G. Insert all my usual gripes about D&G. The thing is, I know they’re not inept craftsmen! I just wish they were nicer people, and that celebs actually TRULY cared about this stuff instead of just faking it (not that I think Heidi ever claimed to, but plenty do). I’m caught in a place where if we stop cringing, people will think we don’t care EITHER, but I know it also gets repetitive and maybe we just need to let it go and accept that they suck, and that you know that we know that you know that we all know that they know that we know. Or, we need a safe word that encompasses everything. Like PIRANHA. Or DYSENTERY. Except that if I start writing posts about someone in D&G and then just write “DYSENTERY” at the end, people will think I have dropped acid and started playing Oregon Trail. So, I need to put more thought into this, is what I’m saying.

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