Okay, obviously, I am going to start with the bling. Those rings are by Lorraine Schwartz and oh my god I love them. I noted on Twitter this weekend that I’ve decided I’m going to go FULL eccentric (this feeling was prompted by the fact that I bought a whimsical J Crew sweater solely because it reminded me of my favorite wallpaper), and shouldn’t part of that involve DRIPPING WITH GIANT RINGS? I will figure out paying for them….later.

Moving on to the whole ensemble, let me just note that this is an unusual turn of events for our Heidi:

Lady Gaga at The 2016 American Music Awards in LA

She is a women of many talents, but subtly isn’t one of them. And this is NOT subtle – she’s as gilded as Donald Trump’s living room — but it IS modest. And that pairing is sort of fun? I appreciate the disco twist she’s putting on something so buttoned up. It might not be good, but it’s definitely a kick. That’s something.

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[Photos: Fame/Flynet]