How exciting that everyone — except Harry! — is coordinated with the pony!

Meghan and Harry are in Scotland today, where they popped over to Holyroodhouse (which we visited when we were in Scotland in 2016, and which is very neat if you like royal residences, which I assume you do — it had some of my own favorite Royal Resident Interiors; it’s sort of cozy. It also served an EXCELLENT tea). Look at how great its gallery wall is! (We’ve got more interior pics in the slideshow, too.)

They visited Edinburgh Castle, which I personally have not yet been inside, but the outside is rad: spooky and beautiful and slightly otherworldly, and the next time I am in Edinburgh, it is on my list. Look at it:

(This also reminds me that we found out yesterday on our post about the logistical details of Meghan and Harry’s forthcoming nuptials that a Fug National who visited Scotland recently, and who got all kinds of recommendations from Fug Nation for her trip, had a great time and GOT ENGAGED! Congrats Erinshmerin!!)

Speaking of the newly betrothed, also on their list was a visit to Social Bite. Let us turn to Informative Tweet:

The following Informative Tweet explains, “Social Bite runs cafes throughout Scotland which distribute food and hot drinks to the homeless, as well as employing staff who have experienced homelessness themselves.” That’s a good cause indeed!

In less socially heart-warming intel, let us discuss the clothes. We’ve got a gorgeous, double-breasted Black Watch plaid Burberry coat that I clearly need, and which I desperately hope she wears when Kate comes out in her own, so that we can have Black Watch Plaid Day. We’ve got some sensible-yet-chic Veronica Beard trousers with a sailor-ish flair, which I also might need because I profoundly love sailor pants and basically spend my entire life looking for the perfect pair. We’ve got ANOTHER SUPER CUTE BAG from Strathberry; the fact that I have not broken down and bought one of these is, frankly, miraculous.

And then Harry looks fine. Shall we?

[Photos: PA Images/, Ian Rutherford/PA Images/, Andrew Milligan/PA Images/]