Until last night, we had no idea what time to put on our fascinators and pop open the champs, but! Per Kensington Palace, the wedding will be at noon on May 19th (we knew the date previously, of course), which is a pleasantly reasonable 7am for those Americans on the East Coast and a somewhat less reasonable time for those of us in Los Angeles. Is this part of the reason Heather and I are going to the UK for this? MAYBE.

That pic of Windsor Castle always reminds me of The Royal We, as Very Important Things happen there; it would also be remiss of me not to note that said novel might be nice gift for your Galentine, if she’s into this sort of thing.

Now, where was I? Oh, right: Reception Part Two:

I can’t wait to read all about Meghan’s Questionable Half-Sister being tossed out into the bushes at some point in the evening (I read yesterday that she’s allegedly been hired by a morning chat show to be their “wedding correspondent,” so I assume she’s been informed that she won’t be invited as a guest).

As noted above, after the wedding, we’re going to get a carriage parade through Windsor, and truly I just wanted you to see this video of the route they’re going to take:

I love that someone went out and filmed that. How cute is Windsor? (It’s very cute.)

Mark your calendars!

[Photo: John Rainford/WENN.com]