These two lovers are in Birmingham (did you know Birmingham has more canals than Venice? I did not), and we’ve got another bathrobe-like coat — and, for the record, I LOVE this one; of course it’s J.Crew, it’s like the Breton Striped Shirt of Coats and I don’t know why I don’t own it already — and another tiny handled bag that I also love. It’s by Altuzarra and it is on sale and it is still expensive and I need to accept that I cannot carry these tiny bags as my day bag because I do not have an assistant to keep my phone and my notebook and my pens and my 25 lipsticks and my gum and my tampons and my Kleenex and my little bottle of various drugs (Advil, Claritin, Immodium; I am the person you should come to at an event if you start to feel bad in any way) in a Boat and Tote by her side while I trip around hugging people and feeling their pain unencumbered by most of my belongings. What I’m saying is, she looks really good, and I enjoy that they popped up to visit a variety of smart girls for International Women’s Day:

I assume Meghan told these girls all about her blog:

Also, there were puppies:

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