Michelle Dockery is in Cannes at the new TV festival there, receiving an award for being an icon — which may seem early in her career, until you consider that I will always refer to her as Lady Mary, and to Dan Stevens as Cousin Matthew, and the legend of her murderous vagina will outlive us all. Given all that, “icon” seems fair. Anyhoo, for whatever reason I correctly guessed that this is Roland Mouret — a favorite of hers — and she looks exceedingly glamorous in it. However, I assume the photographers on the right side of this frame are gossiping about the back:

2018 CanneSeries Opening Competition Gala Night

It’s not a scandal, or anything, but wouldn’t this look so much better with a hidden zipper? The gold one is almost aggressively cupping her behind. Her hair also doesn’t look as good when not seen from the front, so maybe they should’ve just told her never to leave the step-and-repeat, or built one on a dolly and wheeled her around the venue like a parade float. SOLVED.

[Photos: WENN, InstarImages.com]