You guessed it: March 31 is the day The Matrix was released — in 1999 — which to many people was momentous simply for it being a badass sci-fi movie starring Keanu Reeves, but which for me was noteworthy because it starred Carrie-Anne Moss from Models Inc. The idea that anyone from that short-lived spinoff could land in an iconic hip big-budget spectacle was very exciting to me. It was a very I KNEW HER WHEN feeling.

Keanu brought his sister to the premiere, and she looks adorable and excited, and somehow way less fazed by all this than Keanu himself does. He’s so cute — that outfit is a tad on the looser side than current suit cuts, but I think it mostly holds up, right?


Here he is with Carrie-Anne and Hugo Weaving (for some reason I don’t have an abundance of pictures of anyone else?). Carrie-Anne needs a tremendous hoik. And I’m wondering if they had a massive mind-meld, or consciously all decided to wear black.

This photo from some promotional luncheon also made me laugh:

Warner Bros luncheon at ShoWest

Keanu just cannot fake excitement at having to be seen. (He’s like Kristen Stewart in that way, although since Twilight ended, she seems to have gotten a lot more comfortable and I wonder if that’s because she’s not playing by Big Studio Movie rules anymore and she’s leaned into a truer version of herself.) This photo is just so bad — I feel like in this era, they try a lot harder to hide it when they have events in standard-issue hotel ballrooms with those tragic beige partition-walls. I also want to note that I BELIEVE that is Hugh Grant’s hair cloud puffing boisterously up in the back left of this shot, and if I am right, I am adding Identifying Hugh Grant’s Hair From a Pixelated Distance to my resume.

[Photos: Shutterstock]