“Photographed at home August 17 1984,” Informative Caption says, Harrison Ford was “a keen woodworker and made tables and chairs for his home when he was married to his second wife, screenwriter Melissa Mathison, whom he married in March 1983 and lived [with] in Mandeville Canyon, Beverly Hills, California.”

That seems so much more normal than what this photo looks like, which is, “Harrison Ford, please perch REAL AWKWARDLY on this chair and table you made — can you somehow make sure that fifty percent of your body is on each piece equally but DO NOT TAKE YOUR OTHER FOOT OFF THE GROUND or we all plummet into the abyss, don’t ask, there’s a curse on this house. Did you not know that? Oh. Sorry, well. Yes. ANYWAY, SMILE. No, I will not be cutting the corner of your giant white sofa out of frame, why do you ask?”

[Photo: Getty Images]