Hello friends,

It’s been another difficult week; I hope you are well and safe.

FYI: No Royals Round-Up this week because I did not have any photos to run; August is always light and the pandemic is impacting people’s outings, so I can’t do my usual late summer routine of eeeeeeeking out the post at the last minute. It will certainly be back when they are! (Usually everyone starts back up in September.)

Are you looking to help victims of Hurricane Laura? The New York Times did a good round-up of organizations on the ground.

The National Museum of African American History and Culture’s package about the March on Washington — the anniversary of which is today — is excellent.

Also excellent, at ESPN: Inside the hectic hours around a historic NBA boycott.

Related, at The Ringer: Strikes Across MLB Have Challenged the League’s Apolitical Foundation

Worth your time, at Jezebel: The Conflicted Celebration of Women’s Suffrage

This chat between Meghan Markle and Gloria Steinem was really great.  It’s fantastic that Meghan is using her platform to get out the vote. (I also love Meghan’s dogs! AND her hat.)  [Makers]

This is a great piece about chef Nina Compton at the New Yorker: A New Orleans Chef Navigates Disaster

This is a really fun read, at the New York Times: In a Naked Pandemic Race, You Can Leave Your Hat On

Vox’s theme park expert asks: Should Disney World even be open?

This is so good, at Glamour: The Lawmakers Fighting to Make Hair Discrimination Illegal 

SO interesting, at Vogue: This Indigenous Artist Designs Traditional Clothes for a Virtual World

At Lainey: Brad Pitt has a new girlfriend. (And a type; she looks like Angelina to me.)

I’m obsessed with this story: US teenager wrote huge slice of Scots Wikipedia [The Guardian]

Fun, at Boing Boing: The entire 1912 Harrods catalogue has been scanned

At The Ringer: It’s a Dunstocracy: ‘Bring It On’ and the Magic of Kirsten Dunst

At Celebitchy: Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom had their bebe, and I both love the name and the way they chose to announce this.

At Oprah, this is a great resource: 117 Black-Owned Bookstores in America That Amplify the Best in Literature

This is fun, at Vanity Fair: Schitt’s Creek: Catherine O’Hara on Moira Rose’s Most Divine Looks

Interesting, at Travel + Leisure: This ‘Forbidden’ Cyprus Ghost Town Has Been Frozen in the 1970s — and Now It Hopes to Attract Tourists Again

At Bitch Magazine: Quarantine Is Changing Influencer Culture. Will It Last?

Fascinating, at The Guardian: ‘We’re at a crossroads’: who do the fish of Hawaii belong to?

It is VERY interesting: Zabiba and the King: The 2000 Romance Novel … Written by Saddam Hussein [Mental Floss]

At Glamour: How I Got Over My Fear of Being ‘Difficult’ Online

At Smithsonian: A Brief History of the Mason Jar

Really interesting, at Vox: The real-life origin story behind The Count of Monte Cristo

We had a really fun chat here this week about everyone’s most memorable meal.