I think many, if not all, of us here in various stages of lockdown and quarantine in the US are….really tired of cooking. The entire concept of feeding myself? I’m just over it. (I guess I’m lucky that I am alone and can just eat toast if I really tap out on meals; on the other hand, I haven’t hugged anyone for six months. So.) I am not a person who used to go out THAT much for dinner, and yet still. Ugh. I have hit a wall on the the whole make something/eat something/clean up cycle. So I thought it might be fun and restorative to reminisce about some of the best things we’ve ever eaten. For example, I once had a REALLY good Italian sub that I got at a gas station (??!!!) in the middle of nowhere, Arizona. I once had a great ice cream cone in Kensington Gardens. (England, you have great dairy.) I once ate a transformative salad — it had HUGE caperberries in it — in Paris in 2009, on a trip where the preferred come-on of French men to American women was, “I ALSO love Obama.”  I used to get the best sandwiches at this total hole-in-the-wall in Westwood that we all called “Buck Fifty” because they only cost a dollar fifty; they were AMAZING. They’re no longer in business. What about you? Tell us about your memorable meals.