Halle had been creeping on The Sheers for a while before the Met Gala, but now she’s all in, and without the benefit of a beautiful artistic skirt. Indeed, possibly without a skirt AT ALL. Not only is she in a bodysuit that looks as if she was kidnapped in it and hasn’t taken it off in a week despite spending part of that time in the trunk of a car and then a warehouse basement, but she’s capped it with a tube top and then The Demon Garment, aka, the slit-leg pant. Or split-leg pant. I honestly don’t know which to call it. It’s got a slit, but it looks like it’s split. Maybe I’ll call them Hulk-Out Pants. Either way, this entire thing is a decided downgrade; at least her dramatically see-through outfit from the Met had a lot of beauty and hard work around it. By comparison, this design is someone who cheated on their midterm.

[Photo: Getty]

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