Hailey Bieber is really feeling the Sweltering Heat Summer Blazer right now. She wore a beige one the other day that had some sort of weird nipple bar holding it together, so at least we’ve taken a step forward from Aesthetically Confounding to merely Confusing In Terms of Life Choices. Because apparently it’s hot enough for a bra top and rolled up diaper-jorts but balmy enough for a jacket and boots. And oh, yes, Fug Nation, there are boots:

Hailey Bieber out and about, Los Angeles, California, USA - 26 Aug 2020

And not just boots. HIDEOUS BOOTS. It’s like she had standard Chelsea pull-ons and then decided to buy a silicon condom for them so that she could garden without getting mud in their treads. I will only accept these if they are jet boots, and she can push a button and take off and fly away from this godforsaken hole planet.

Here’s another head-scratcher for you:

Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber out and about, Los Angeles, California, USA - 25 Aug 2020

It’s black long-sleeve tee weather… but crop it and roll up your shorts for maximum underpants effect. And Justin’s calamitous kicks make him look like he has dinosaur feet. At last her mask is cute. She gets ONE POINT out of a possible infinity.

[Photos: Shutterstock]