First of all: GOOD NEWS. You can now enlarge photos like these (non-slideshow pics) on your desktop. Just click on the photo! See?! HIGH RES AHOY. And this is why I can tell you definitively that while this dress is indeed very cute on Hailee, and would make a terrific skating costume, and the detail on the beading is fantastic, I AS ALWAYS wish the lining were a little more aggressive in the skirt. It was originally a lot LONGER than this, and I agree with RCFA that I think it works better as a dress in the full-length version. On the other hand, that full-length version would be full-bore bonkers on Hailee and is so dramatic that unless you are J Lo, you probably should tread lightly.  Am I crazy if I note that I might have gone knee-length, if given the option? PLEASE OPINE.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]