This is not the first jumpsuit from this line that I secretly like, but this one, I suspect I enjoy SPECIFICALLY in this context.

The EXQUISITE unimpressed expression on Jane’s face, coupled with the pose, the necklace more dramatic than Kanye when his dinner is late, and that fabulous shade of green, is collective PERFECTION. I don’t want to see this outfit ever again anywhere else — not on Gwyneth, a model, a Lohan, a Kardashian, Amal, or even Intern George (note: I MIGHT want to see that actually). This is it. This is how it was meant to be worn: by Jane, like a truth bomb being dropped into a room full of delusion. “Look at all you sad mice scurrying around in your see-through outfits,” she is thinking. “Sit down, you woeful children, and let me show you how to bring the noise.”

[Photo: Splash]