GQ used this month’s issue to kick off its Global Creativity Awards, which I suspect I don’t need to define for you because the name is pretty clear. The four covers went to Tim Cook (which… really went out on a limb there, eh, GQ?), Donald Glover, Hoyeon, and designer Yohji Yamamoto. The EIC made a big deal out of how all the international editions are the same for the first time ever, but that must exclude covers, because Karol G recently ripped GQ Mexico a new one for over-retouching her cover despite the fact that she repeatedly came back to them and said she hated what they’d done with it. Sidebar: I wonder how common it is for the subjects to see, and give notes on, a final cover; I had thought it was very uncommon indeed unless you are Beyonce. So I guess the different GQs could pick their own cover stars from among the inside subjects? Also, sidebar to the sidebar, the People story about this uses the phrase “bear-faced selfie,” and I SCREAMED. Editors are worth the money, y’all.

[Photos: Andrew H. Walker/Shutterstock]