Oh, Lady Gaga. As I said on Twitter, giving her Best Actress in a Yada-Yada for American Horror Story: Hotel is the MOST HFPA thing to do in the world. That’s not even a judgment on whether or not she deserved it; the HFPA is just never, ever going to resist the chance to do something like that. Rachel Bloom earned hers, too, but a second before she won I thought, “They’re going to give it to her because the HFPA LOVES doing stuff like that,” and BOOM. I have to say, the Globes have a reputation for being a drunken, insane revel, but it hasn’t been that way the last few years. This one was a total return to form. It was ALL OVER THE PLACE, from nominees to winners to production gaffes, and I would not have it any other way. WELCOME BACK, GLOBES. The HFPA knows how to throw an interesting party.

Ahem. Where were we? Ah yes:

Her reaction to the contrary, I think Gaga also suspected she was going to win, and it contributed to her wanting to look timeless. This is a cross between Marilyn and Jessica Rabbit, and it’s very effective (although, yes, I miss a richer lip). I far prefer a Lady Gaga who understands when to uncork a barrel of crazy, and when to hold back, because it gives BOTH versions of her more impact.

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