You guys, she kind of did it!

I just couldn’t resist starting with that one. It’s like her reaction is, “wait. What? You like it? AWESOME. Okay, I’ll stop and listen to your praise.”

And here it is, not in action:

I mean, listen. Am I in love with those hip cutouts? No, although something about them reminds me of this amazing one-piece bathing suit for which I DIED in eighth grade, and which my mother would not allow me to have — in retrospect, she was totally correct — and that makes me feel a little burst of irrational fondness. But the OTHER iconic item of clothing of which this reminds me is Lawrence’s own red famous Calvin Klein tank dress, the one we’re always yelping that she needs to look to as the platonic ideal of her own red carpet style, and that is a brilliant Pavlovian response to attempt to create in an audience. In fact, this dress is rather as if that frock had a baby with J Law’s (disastrous) Met Gala dress, and the co-mingling of those very different DNAs made a totally charming baby. I think we’ll keep it.

All that said, I would like to declare something publicly, and it’s that I am slightly concerned that J Law has found herself in thrall to David O Russell, much in the way that Rooney Mara was in thrall to David Fincher (remember how bizarre that was?), although not to the same extent. She clearly enjoys working with him — and he with her, given that he consistently miscasts her roles way too old for her that she pulls off only through sheer force of will– and their pairing has been successful for both of them, but her speech last night praising his unparalleled majesty kind of gave me the weirds. I can only hope that Amy Schumer regularly reminds her that he’s a noted a-hole and suggests she take a wee break.

[Photos: Getty and Fame/Flynet]