Apparently in 2015, all my ceaseless griping will be about length and stumpification. Case in point:

Julianna Margulies had this made for her, and it starts out so well, and then quits on itself in that same type of hem that Tina Fey’s Antonio Berardi had. I wish this had gone all the way to the floor, gracefully, because the interesting fabric and bodice pleats mean it didn’t NEED a horizontal line chopping it up. Or, she could have cut it off where that seam is and worn it to another event. One or the other, and I’d have been inclined to go with the former. Sometimes, a pattern can do a bit of work for you. Let it.

Of course, I also take issue with the styling. The necklace is perfect, but I would have loved a bracelet — of course — and I don’t think her lipstick is assertive enough, whereas her blush might be TOO assertive to the point of not being blended. Further, her hair is VERY stuffy and First Lady, in a way that’s surprisingly severe given how much volume it has. I just always want Alicia Florrick to make me drool, you know? And this isn’t tweaking my glands.

However, if you want to drool:

Okay, I chose this photo because I like that they’re beaming adoringly at each other, but then I looked at it again and it KIND OF also looks like he might be about to eat her face. Still: I count this as canoodling, and we LOVE pictures of a red-carpet cuddle.

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