This isn’t the worst Dior of the lot, by any means, but that doesn’t mean I have to love it.

It just looks a bit like she’s wearing a carpet that only got part-way untied and unrolled. I want to snip out the second black piece and then see what we’ve got — something simple, sure, but at least it would be more flattering. The hair still isn’t flattering to her face shape, either, and I think her makeup may have been TOO heavy-handed, but let’s stay on topic: When talking to Seacrest, Jennifer noted that she was wearing Dior, with a quick quip about what a huge shocker that would be to everyone. Methinks she’s getting bored of it and when they uncage this beast — whenever the hell that happens (she was announced as the Miss Dior face in October 2012) — I think we’re in for a serious fashion binge, like going off gluten for a week and then being put in a room full of delicious, delicious sandwiches. She will CONSUME IT ALL, side effects be damned.

[Photo: Getty]