InStyle hosts the biggest of the post-Globes parties, and I did not know this, but apparently this is the third year they’ve set up a prop elevator for social media shenanigans. How did I miss this? Or did I NOT miss it and I just have some kind of brain rot? At any rate, some of the videos are fun — they’re all posted on InStyle’s instagram — and we figured we’d round out our coverage by showing you our favorites, though there are plenty more. I don’t know if these will play or open a new window, but you can always just stay in that window and click through them all and then come back here to chat. Spoiler: The last one here is the best one. But I enjoyed Sarah Hyland’s, too:

I applaud the use of props here:

AND, frankly, the use of props here:

Constance Wu killed it:

This makes me want to know more about Bel Powley:

Michelle Yeoh treated it like the opening credits of her own ’80s nighttime drama:

Allison Janney went in a very… different direction:

Janelle Monae’s makes me like her outfit a bit less because it seems like she can’t walk in it:

Iskra Lawrence’s is cute:

And Caitriona Balfe’s makes me laugh at her outfit rather than cringe at it, sort of:

BUT, the best:

The best is that I have a suspicion Lupita and Danai fell down at the end and we can see MBJ running over to help them, but maybe not? Regardless,I ‘ship all configurations of this triangle, including and perhaps especially the triangle.

[Photos: InStyle]