Hello! Happy Tuesday! How’s your coffee? Nice and hot? Got your bagel? Ready to work? Or, “work”? We know many of you may have had yesterday off in honor of Martin Luther King Jr Day, and if you did, here’s a handy round-up of what you missed here on GFY’s Golden Globes coverage yesterday!


Piper Perabo is seriously crazy.

Angelina took on Natalie Portman in a cage-match.

Claire Danes is awesome. Also, I keep spelling her name “Claine Daines.” Don’t ask me why.

– Lea Michele has a rare, dress-borne form of avian flu.

Meryl Streep was wearing a banana clip. Not pictured, but you can SENSE IT.

Emma Stone is fabulous.

We love SMG, you may disagree.

– Madonna. (She needs no further introduction.)

– Jessica Biel is so boring it hurts my feelings.

– But Reese Witherspoon looked good!

– And we’re happy for Michelle Williams.

– We were divided on Charlize Theron, and I’m sure it’s making her perfect face burst into tears.

Thomas  Jane’s Reign of Crazy continues.

– Oh, Jessica Chastain. Please do better at the Oscars.

– Dianna Agron is pretty. What is her dress?

Nicole Kidman AND her dress are pretty.

Erin Wasson must be seen to be believed.

Tina Fey’s HAIR, at least, looked great.