Romola Garei was nominated for The Hour, on which she was great, but I always felt like she got overlooked for how major she was in Atonement also. And obviously in Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights, which is of similar emotional heft.

But this not okay. It’s peculiar. It’s plain even though there’s a lot going on with it. Peekaboo skirts and sleeves made for butter-churning are strange bedfellows indeed. You can’t go on Rumspringa part-time, kid. It’s all or nothing.

Can this be repaired? What if she lopped off the puffs? Or extended the lining? Or made it a mini? For sure it needs better shoes, right? And awesomer hair? Somebody please style this girl. And until that happens in real life, let’s do it in the comments.

[Photo: Getty]