Isla Fisher once gave a quote about how irritating it was to be mistaken for Amy Adams all the time. And then they hit the Globes carpet and half our Twitter followers noted to us that frequently glanced up and confused one for the other. It’s like she put out into the world something she hates and then gave it even greater life. Call it The Anti-Secret.

Let’s start with Amy:

I may never have seen this exact dress before, but I might as well have. There is something so uninspired and been-there about it, right down to the insipid fishtail. This entire look feels overdone, in fact, and what’s more, the dress is a touch too tight on Amy and washes her out terribly. Although, if I had to choose between innate style sense and having a boatload of talent and getting to sing and dance with the freaking Muppets, the latter would win every time, so in the life ledger she’s still comfortably in the black.

And now for Isla:

This doesn’t knock me out either, except that the hair and makeup are more flattering by far. Overall, as colorless gowns go, this is more striking. Amy Adams should put her on speed dial immediately so that it’s as hard as possible for Twitter — and then later us — to lump them together. Unless she’s about to hire a new stylist.

Which redhead did it better?

  • Amy (18%, 1,612 Votes)
  • Isla (82%, 7,592 Votes)

Total Voters: 9,205

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