Twitter blew up about the shoulders on this dress making it look like Michelle Dockery is constantly shrugging.

And they DO look a tiny bit like she has wee football helmets on her shoulders. But strangely, I don’t dislike them — in fact, for whatever reason, I’m more distracted by the visible corseting, and whether I think it fights the elegance of the dress. Lady Mary has more pressing problems; she doesn’t need a giant argument happening on her groin.

Help me out here:

  • Oooh, I love it (47%, 4,368 Votes)
  • The shoulders still throw me off (16%, 1,481 Votes)
  • Keep the top but make the white parts flow better without the giant shaping cummerbund (25%, 2,325 Votes)
  • Ehhhhh... this is beyond help. (11%, 1,056 Votes)

Total Voters: 9,230

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[Photo: Getty]