I am ALMOST NEVER right when I guess designers (except when, say, it’s a Marion Cotillard/Jennifer Lawrence situation where odds-on it’s Dior), but I took one look at this and said to Jessica, “Well that’s obviously Versace.”

Usually, I am loath to confuse liking the wearer’s physical self with liking the outfit (see: Emma Stone and her rump rosette), but I’m not sure HOW to separate them in this case. Her bod is unimpeachably fit, and that’s as vital a part of the gown as the fabric itself. Truthfully I don’t particularly like the dress, but Kate almost makes it look like a good idea — conversely, if, say, Heidi Klum were wearing it, we’d all be crying foul and “O TAWDRY MODEL” and whatnot.

And then there’s the back:

She maybe could have USED a bum-bow so that we weren’t all QUITE so intimately aware of her exact physical contours. In the end, I applaud Hudson for wearing a dress that has no room for error, and making none. Every dress has its context, and Kate might be the exact and ONLY one for this gown. Should she lure me onto the dark side? Is this a case of a gown finding its soulmate? Or do I step out and salute The Klum Hypocrisy and sign off on the wearer but not what’s being worn?


  • It's fabulous on any body (3%, 143 Votes)
  • It's ONLY fabulous on Kate's body (58%, 3,100 Votes)
  • Objectively it's just kinda tacky, no? (40%, 2,130 Votes)

Total Voters: 5,373

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