We just did a piece on Amy Schumer’s style rut from last year, and so my initial reaction is to be thrilled by this:

Color-wise it’s the same old story, but Prabal has done well by people when serving up ball gowns of this ilk, and I’m happy she picked a new silhouette. She also nailed the shoes. We’re still grappling with the same old makeup, and her hair makes her look like the lost O’Hara sibling, but: progress.

I can’t embrace it wholeheartedly because I wasn’t in love with the mammarial zone:

Those darts are poking me in the face. Origami has gentler folds. Also, I’d be remiss if I didn’t note the popular comparison to Kelly Taylor and Brenda Walsh legendarily wearing the same dress to the Spring Dance. Amy comes out the winner in that fight, but then again, Brenda got to bang Dylan McKay that night so maybe I need to re-tally the votes.

[Photos: Getty]