Rosamund Pike was, I think, the first person on the red carpet who wasn’t hosting an entertainment show or pimping/shooting the Entourage movie. And she really should’ve had her driver circle the block fifty more times while somebody re-jiggered her gown.

This lovely lady is a nursing mother of about five weeks, and while I clap for her bravery, I cringe for her breasts. This was apparently made ENTIRELY for her but looks as if the fit model was, like, Jeffrey Tambor; I’m guessing she could slide off the straps, give the baby a snack, and then dash back to her seat for her category, but it’s just so limp, like a marionette whose master is on a coffee break.

And the back is precarious:

She’s going to have mask-shaped chafe marks. It’ll be weeks before those are gone, girl. (Oh, come on, you knew that was coming in some form.)

[Photos: Getty]