Well, as has become inevitable, there were Jenndashians in the house at a Globes party. Arguably the two least-famous ones, too. First up: Kourtney Kardashian.

This is by Julien Macdonald, and it is not as bad as it could be. Isn’t that a delightful, warm compliment? But consider what we’ve been taught to expect from these people. The pump has been primed, and we expect it to spew bilge every time. I’ll take any victory I can get, and this one certainly has its positives.

And now for Kylie Jenner:

At first I thought this Labourjoisie two-piece was relatively okay, but then I looked again and realized the skirt is see-through OVER HER NAVEL. Which I then noticed is winking at me. And then the top is silver with netting and then some windows cut into it… basically, whatever this thing had going for it, the designer took pains to undercut. On balance, I think we came out ahead, though. Maybe.

[Photos: Getty]