I didn’t see hide nor hair of Caitriona on the TV coverage until her category popped up, at which point she was seated, so I missed the glory of this dress until my late-night Internet meanderings. (Was I just not looking whenever the showed her, or did she coast in undetected?) The hit of orange is basically exactly what I needed from last night and didn’t realize was missing until right now. She looks both regal and cool, which is a tough balance to hit. Just ask K-Mids. Or, frankly, the Queen herself.

For the afterparties, she went with something more standard:

Caitriona Balfe

It’s still good, though, and she was right to let her hair down and throw on the big earrings. I’m not sure why she changed, so let’s assume it’s because she wanted to throw down on the dance floor with Meryl Streep and this allowed for much greater freedom with the Funky Chicken.

[Photos: Getty]