Dust off your pelvic bones and call your waxers: Miu Miu has decided you should sling ‘em low and saw ‘em off high. Per Vogue, whose writeup was lively, it was a post-pandemic back-to-work vibe?!?

Like rebellious private school kids cutting up their uniforms, she shortened the length of corporate skirts and tops—frayed edges in tow—until there was barely anything left to crop. […] In the process, miniskirts migrated into top territory and morphed into belted bandeaus, and someone came to work in just a beige bra and a matching pencil skirt, the elastic band of her underwear poking out. All this, mind you, in the fabrics of a businesswoman’s wardrobe.

It was a kind of normcore for an abnormal world. Prada hasn’t been doing post-show interviews this season due to Covid-19, but she did grace us with a few well-chosen words: “It’s so normal, but for me it’s so strange. Strange is not strange anymore,” she said with a shrug, and toiled on with her celebrity greetings. Certainly the new generations seem unfazed by the overt sexiness of the post-lockdown mentality. Forget about Casual Fridays—in 2022, it’s all about Freaky Fridays, and Karen from IT Support has rolled up her merino jumper so you can see her six-pack.

I am here to tell you that strange is still absolutely strange. Strange has only ceased to be come strange if you type the word “strange” over and over to the point where the word “strange” starts to look like a foreign object and you’re fully in the throes of semantic satiation. I promise you, those pants look strange. And if in 2022 Karen from IT Support shows up to debug your computer in khakis she cut into a skirt with a butter knife and which are about the width of an ace bandage, you will thank her effusively for her help and knowledge and then think to yourself, “Holy cats, that was strange.” Strangeness was on resplendent display in three fashion shows we ran yesterday — Rochas, Kronthaler for Westwood, and Loewe — and indeed, in times that are a-changin’, I find some comfort in the endurability of what’s strange. THIS SHIT? IS STRANGE.

[Photos: Imaxtree]