On a day when we’ve shown two very odd collections, we’re closing out with the weirdest of them all — which was by Jonathan Anderson’s design, literally and otherwise:

“By his own admission, the collection was neurotic and psychedelic, with a touch of surrealism. The show notes add “completely hysterical.”

[…] I feel like the idea of doing a show now is some sort of odd form of a surrealist act somehow,” he said, “because everything is kind of normal, but it’s not really, so I felt like I didn’t want something which was completely grounded in a reality.”

Mission accomplished. And honestly… this is when covering fashion shows is fun. Pretty gowns are relaxing and wonderful to fantasize about, but nothing compares to the glee of a belly laugh derived from fake chaps and knee gaps. It makes me miss going to LACMA and seeing a contemporary art exhibit that I hopelessly do not understand, but which I will talk about for months because it was such a gas.

[Photos: Imaxtree]