Ginnifer Goodwin was SO CUTE on a talk show I saw late at night during Fashion Week (I think it was Conan?). So the things she does with her face in photos just KILL ME. I don’t know what insecurity she has about her smile — I sympathize; I think mine is rank — or who coached her to try and be all Captain Crazyface, but that person is wrong. She standing there as if she has a flashlight under her chin and is telling a ghost story to a bunch of children.

That story, by the way, would be about the ghost of a very rich Beverly Hills granny — parenthetically, I hope Beverly Sills lived there, because that would have led to some amusing (to ME) wordplay — who kicked off on a chaise in the dressing room of Saks and decided to haunt all her good-for-nothing grandchildren by possessing the body of a young actress. This is the only explanation for this outfit.

Maybe… they snuck in and she doesn’t know they’re there? Or maybe Crazy Rich Dead Ghost Granny was a really big zoo benefactor.