The red dress show has gone by a variety of different names, all of them basically linking it to the same thing: awareness of heart disease in women. It used to happen during Fashion Week in New York, as the kickoff to the Fall/Winter season of shows, but now it seems to be floating on its own. It’s total cheesy fun — none of them are professional models, they all wear stuff by different designers, they typically pick their own songs to walk to, many of the older ladies bop and jam in an endearingly dorky way — Hoda Kotb doing “Uptown Funk” was a real highlight — and I’ll never forget when Liza Minnelli closed the show, and busted into “New York, New York” at the end. Iconic.

ANYWAY. It’s a goofy good time and I’m glad they’re still doing it; I hope it helps the cause. If not, at least Gina Gershon got to show up dressed like her own superhero.

[Photos: Erik Pendzich/Shutterstock]